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“Whenever my clients ask me to recommend a lawyer, I do not hesitate to refer them to Robert Bryshun.”
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Wills, Estates and Trusts

Wills and Estates

Do you need to have a will, a personal health care directive or a living will reviewed or prepared? Have you been named as the executor in a loved one’s will? Has a loved one become incapable or are they becoming incapable of managing their affairs? Don’t know where to start? Come see us – we can help.

At Bryshun Mace, we work diligently to provide individuals, families and business clients with comprehensive advice to suit their needs that will ensure the orderly succession of assets to the next generation, provide for any charitable donations and to prepare for the possibility that those individuals may become unable to take care of themselves or manage their own assets.

Specific areas where we can assist include:


Is a private trust the answer for you? Come see us – we can help.

Many people are unaware that a private trust can be one of the most flexible tools available to assist them in their personal and business affairs. If it makes sense for you, the lawyers at Bryshun Mace will collaborate with your accountants and wealth managers to create a trust that will enable the inter-generational transfer of wealth and income-splitting, a trust to take care of disabled beneficiaries or a trust to protect your assets.

Contact Robert Bryshun or Roger Mace for assistance in this area